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The Government Relations Committee shall keep abreast of, and advise the Association of, current or pending legislation of interest or concern of the Assisted Living Residence industry. This committee recommends legislative priorities and actions to the Board and follows activity during session. There are usually 2-3 meetings during the year and frequent conference calls during legislative session. Also, they are responsible for monitoring all regulatory concerns and questions by the association and or membership and all regulations from state agencies.

Government Relations


Convention & Event

The Education Committee shall advocate for and promote the highest possible standards of training for operators and staff of Assisted Living Residences. The committee shall be responsible for planning and implementing course content at SCALA educational conferences. The committee shall also advise the SCALA newsletter editor regarding educational content of the newsletter. The Convention/Event Committee shall plan and coordinate conferences, conventions and events which SCALA conducts yearly. The committee shall concern itself with the details and logistics involved with running a conference, convention or event and oversee course content. There are quarterly meetings during the year and occasional conference calls.

The Membership Committee shall plan and implement membership strategies for the Association. These strategies shall consider the recruiting of new members and the retention of existing members. The committee shall advocate for strong membership benefits and shall advise the Board of Directors of issues that affect the accomplishment of these goals.



The Communications Committee shall advise and assist the Executive Director in editing and production of newsletters and other printed material and shall oversee the development and implementation of editorial policies of all SCALA publications. The committee shall be concerned with the quality and image to be projected in any medium in which SCALA may be presented. With the age of Social Media this committee is looking for those would like to help manage SCALA’s social presence.

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